I have created MyBeautifulExpression.com to share what I adore to this world, which means I promise to be completely honest with you all. All I want is for my readers to feel comfortable with the content that I post on my blog and I would not want to share any information that I do not believe in myself…

This blog contains a few affiliate links, such as, Cash Juice, Traffic Ad Bar and Send Out Cards which means I am receiving commissions from them. I currently do not have any sponsored post on my blog, however, I am an Avon Representative and I love to leave my link almost all over my blog. If you see a blog post talking about Avon, then my Avon boutique is linked within it.

In addition, I not only sell Avon products here but I do enjoy sharing the opportunity to my blog visiters because I am currently growing my team. Understand that I would never persuade any of my readers to buy a product that I do not adore myself and know that I adore the company and what it stands for. Women’s rights, girl power, and everything. The company is created to empower women and I truly appreciate that.

All photography on MyBeautifulExpression.com belongs to me unless stated otherwise. If I do post a photo that is not mine, I promise to always give the photographer credit. If you would love to use any of my photography, please ask for my permission first and give me credit for the photograph. Thank you so much for visiting MyBeautifulExpression.com and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at AkanqiPrincess@MyBeautifulExpression.com
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