MyBeautifulExpression.com was created to express my heart to the world. Understand, that I am not an expert at all but I will share only my honest opinions. I want my readers to trust the content that I right on this blog.

SPONSORSHIPS, AFFILIATE LINKS & ADVERTISEMENTS: Because I am an Avon Beauty Boss, I will share all things related to Avon Products, Inc. I do receive commissions when someone makes a purchase from my online boutique and/or when someone joins my Avon team. If you see anything on this blog about Avon, know that it will have a link that will lead you straight to my boutique and or sign up page.

Also, I do advertise My 20 Dollar Travel Business, Savings Highway, and Better Sanitizer which are three companies that I receive commissions from whenever someone makes a purchase through the links that I provide. If you see Sent Out Cards, understand that I promote it for free, however, it is leading customers to my mother’s account so she can receive commissions.

No matter what I share here on the blog, I promise to always promote what I love myself. I wouldn’t want to share misleading information. Anything I share here, rather I am selling it or not, is my honest opinion. Please Note: What works for me, might not work for you. We are all unique in our own way and we're made different for a beautiful reason.

PHOTOGRAPHY: All photography you find on My Beautiful Expression dot com belong to me unless stated otherwise. If I ever share a photo that doesn’t belong to me, I promise to provide the information where I’ve received the picture from. If the information provided is wrong, contact me in order to allow me to correct it.

If you have any questions or would love to work with me, contact me here: hello@mybeautifulexpression.com
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