Thursday, December 24, 2020

My Story: I Lived in a Homeless Shelter On Christmas Day

 “In a world full of grinches, be a Cindy Lou Who.” - Unknown

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I remember being seventeen years young back when I lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and waking up to the beautiful smell of breakfast dancing upon my nose. The pancakes were festive colors, desserts were everywhere and the food was delicious with every bit I took. Even later that day, my mom and I were surprised with beautiful house slippers under our beds (just like in the 1995 movie, “A Little Princess.”) Santa Claus even came to visit while bearing gifts. It was truly a magical Christmas.

Although that was my perspective of Christmas Day that year, it wasn’t so beautiful for others. At that time, my family and I were living in a homeless shelter with other people that we didn’t know. That day was all smiles and it’s always a happy memory to look back even today and I’m so grateful I felt that way but I do remember seeing people complaining about it. They weren’t happy because they were in a homeless shelter during Christmas Day.

Christmas for many homes are festively decorated all over their home, they have a Christmas tree with gifts all around it and a big feast is covering their dining room table while the family gathers around with hugs and cheer. Not everyone experiences a Christmas like this every year because sometimes life gives you a new experience to have in your diary but it’s not a bad thing in my opinion. You have two choices in life: you can mope around about not living life as a Queen in a palace on Christmas Day or you can be grateful for what you have.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a loving Christmas like you see in movies and I adore them dearly but if things aren't necessarily perfect, you can still be grateful for what you have as seen on the Grinch (a Christmas classic film.) The Grinch stole all the festivity from the whos to try to ruin their Christmas but he didn’t rob them of the love they had within them. The whos were truly grateful for everything they had even when it seemed that they didn’t have enough.

When you are grateful for what you have, you get more in return and life is magical with a grateful heart. Although Christmas was not what some people expected at the homeless shelter, there were many things to be grateful for. We had an abundance of food to eat, a roof over our table, Christmas gifts, clothing, etc. Yes, donated by caring people who wanted others to have a beautiful Christmas too.

I am grateful to have been a Cindy Lou in my lifetime because being happy is far better than feeling like a grinch.

Merry Christmas,

PrincessHiyah Akanqi


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