Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Coffee Over Cardio: Doctor's Order's Butter Coffee Recipe

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I’ve noticed something, the more I eat things that are healthy, the less I crave sugary snacks. Yes, they say don’t deprive yourself of all the yummy treats life has to offer you but it’s always important to eat healthily most of the time and Coffee Over Cardio helps me big time to make the best decisions when it comes to my diet.

Recently, I tried Doctor’s Orders which is a light-medium roast that is flavored with a savory taste of pure vanilla and hints of the nutty flavor of hazelnut. It’s basically dessert but without all the added carbs, sugar, and gluten. I personally don’t count calories but if you do, you should know that it has zero and it’s keto-friendly.

As we speak, I’m enjoying this morning brew for the first time with the ushg: Grass-Fed Ghee Butter and MCT Oil. It should keep me satisfied until lunch but sometimes I’ve noticed that I’m not really hungry for lunch whenever I have my butter coffee in the morning for breakfast. I’ve also noticed that sometimes my mind is way hungrier than my belly and I’d rather listen to my body when it comes to eating.

After a cup of butter coffee, I immediately notice the positive effect it has on my digestion but I also notice my mind looking for what I should eat. A glass of water always shuts it up for a while because I’ve heard somewhere that sometimes we think we are hungry but it’s really our body telling us to drink some water. I just make sure I have my water bottle with me whenever that happens and when it’s really time for me to have a meal, I eat.

Doctor's Order's Butter Coffee Recipe


1 tbsp of Fourth & Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter

1 tsp of MCT oil (also coconut oil if desired)

A dash of Cinnamon

1 cup of coffee


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend it up for a few seconds until smooth. You don’t have to add creamer or anything because the butter makes it creamy and smooth. Let me know in the comments if you adore this Doctor's Orders by COC too.

Love always,

Princess Hiyah Akanqi

Disclaimer: I am not an expert when it comes to weight loss and I am not a nutritionist. Having butter coffee for breakfast works for me but you should do further research to see if this recipe is correct for you and/or speak to a doctor about it. Everything I share here is my honest opinion because I truly love COC and butter coffee.


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  1. Thanks for sharing another alternative to coffee...Love it! <3


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