Friday, October 16, 2020

Coffee Over Cardio: Abbey's Secret Stash

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I brought this beautiful moon phase coffee mug from a boutique in Romania through Etsy.

From the looks of it, Coffee Over Cardio made me a huge coffee addict. I mean, I probs have about fifty flavors in my kitchen cabinet (just kidding.) The Universe couldn’t have given me a more extraordinary gift than all the fantastic flavors that COC has.

And I brought this mug for my mom from the same Etsy boutique.

Every morning, I could wake up with excitement because I can choose any flavor of coffee to drink. Most of their coffees are sweet which helps me kick some cravings away when I need to eat more healthy and so far my favorite coffee is Saturdaze but before I purchase that one again, I want to try every single coffee this company has in stock.

COC was founded by a female entrepreneur named, Abbey Scott who created a monthly subscription called, Abbey’s Secret Stash, that you can sign up for, to receive a new coffee flavor every month. If you sign up, you will be the first to try the coffee flavor of the month. It’s a pretty sweet deal (literally.)

July was the very first month I’ve signed up for COC’s Abbey’s Secret Stash and it’s a bummer that I missed out on all the previous flavors but oh well. I at least was able to try the Freedom Blueberry coffee. Inspired by the Fourth of July, this coffee definitely gave me summer vibes. I thought to myself, how odd of an idea to create a blueberry flavored coffee? But you know what they say, don’t knock it ‘til you try it. It was surprisingly sweet, taste like blueberries, and was yummy.

August introduced the new flavor called, Dog Mom which tastes just like salted caramel. I’m guessing that it’s called Dog Mom because national Dog Day is in the month of August. So you can sip on your cup of salted caramel coffee while chillin’ with your dog (or cat if you are a feline lover like myself.)

September was the most recent flavor I’ve purchased within the monthly subscription but had to skip October’s month (*Insert sad face emoji here) but that’s hopefully the last time I skip a month because I’m obsessed with Abbey’s Secret Stash.

I personally don’t celebrate a birthday month because why should you only celebrate with 31 days when you can party the whole season. Autumn is my B’day season and COC’s September flavor was called, Fall Crisp which tastes just like Cinnamon Spice. It gave me the best vibes for my special holiday.

To be honest, so far I don’t have a favorite coffee flavor to choose from Abbey’s Secret Stash because all of them are pretty yum but I can say that I can’t wait to try more of the upcoming flavors. COC definitely gave me a reason to jump out of bed in the morning because I know there is a yummy cup of coffee with my name on it.

Love always,

Princess Hiyah Akanqi

>>> But first coffee <<<


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