Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe: Bulletproof Coffee Edition

Whenever the winter season comes, it’s always my biggest tradition to get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. It’s super yummy but by the end of the year, I always notice that my jeans aren’t as roomy as they were before which means I’m going to have to cut hot chocolate out of my diet.

Obviously, cutting hot chocolate out of my yearly tradition doesn’t sound easy but luckily, I discovered a healthy alternative. Who needs to drink a cup of sugar, when you can have a cup of hot cacao. Fortunately, I don’t crave hot chocolate anymore because cacao it my dream come true. It’s healthy for you and perfect for weight loss.

You can make yourself a normal cup of hot cacao (like you do for a regular hot chocolate) or you can do as I do and have it first thing in the morning as a bulletproof drink. It’s definitely a healthy dessert drink for breakfast and it’s super worth it because it keeps me satisfied until I have lunch at 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM. If you want to try it, read how I make it below…


1 tbsp of coconut butter (or you can use grass-fed butter.)

1 tsp of MCT oil (and/or coconut oil)

½ cup of hot water (1 cup if you don’t add plant-based milk)

½ cup of any plant-based milk (If you added the grass-fed butter, you don’t need milk.)

Optional: ½ a tsp of Turmeric

Optional: a dash of cinnamon

Optional: ½ a tsp of Maca Root Powder

Optional: 1 tsp of honey (or any healthy sweetener you prefer.)


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend it up for a few seconds until smooth. It’s super yummy and in my opinion, 10x better than a regular cup of hot chocolate. I’m never going back to a cup of sugar again because I’m obsessed with cacao powder.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I an expert on dieting but I am opinionated about how awesome cacao powder is. Although it works for me, you should still do further research to see if cacao powder is correct for you. Share with me about your experience with cacao powder below.

Love always,

Princess Hiyah Akanqi


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  1. Sounds delicious! And it smells Goooood ;)) Happy Birthday Princess Hiyah and wishing all your Birthday Dreams come True! <3


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