Thursday, September 3, 2020

Coffee Over Cardio: Saturdaze Butter Coffee Recipe

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When it comes to weight loss, I’ve heard it’s best to have your coffee black but I’m the type of girl who has to have a creamy cup of coffee or else I wouldn’t enjoy it. I at least skip on adding sugar but recently made a reasonable exception to add a tsp of honey to flavor my morning coffee.

A year ago, I’ve learned all about Coffee Over Cardio which is a female-owned brand by Abby Scott who created something for anyone who is health-conscious. COC has Keto-Friendly coffee beans without all that added carbs, sugar, and gluten. I never count calories but if you do, you should know that this coffee has zilch.

It’s a great way to make a healthier decision when you are trying to cut back on sugar (like myself.) For instance, you are at work and Todd decides to treat the entire office with big delicious donuts and everyone starts grabbing. You can grab one or grab a cup of Saturdaze which has the flavor of a chocolate donut which is a guilty pleasure but healthy.

Okay now for the butter coffee recipe…

I’ve been having the bulletproof coffee for breakfast every day on an empty stomach to promote weight loss for myself. It’s important to make butter coffee with quality coffee beans only and I believe COC makes the cut. Wouldn’t you say?

Saturdaze Butter Coffee Recipe


1 tbsp of Fourth & Heart Vanilla Bean Ghee (but use the grass-fed butter of your choice)

1 tsp of MCT oil

1 tsp of Coconut Oil

1 serving of a freshly brewed Coffee Over Cardio Saturdaze

Optional: Add ½ tsp of Turmeric Powder

Optional: Add ½ tsp of Maca Root Powder

Optional: Add ½ tsp of Cacao Powder (if you want a mocha)

Optional: Add a dash of cinnamon

Optional: Add ½ tsp of Chai Spice Honey


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend it up for a few seconds until smooth. You don’t have to add creamer or anything because the butter makes it creamy and smooth. Let me know in the comments if you adore Coffee Over Cardio too. If so, which one is your favorite flavor?

Love always,

Princess Hiyah Akanqi

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor am I a weightloss expert. There is no guarantee that this recipe or Coffee Over Cardio brand will help you lose weight. Although butter coffee works for many people (including myself) it doesn't mean that it will work for you. I recommend that you do further research before you try it out yourself.


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