Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Matcha Green Tea Recipe: Bulletproof Coffee Edition

One morning, I was getting ready for work and grabbed my magic bullet to make me a delicious Matcha Green Tea but this time, I forgot to let the water cool down a bit before I began blending. Note: You are not supposed to add hot liquids into the magic bullet, but did I listen to the instructions? Noooo! I regretted my decision that day when Matcha burst out of the magic bullet like a school science project went wrong and got everywhere.

Don’t be as daring as me. Hahaha.

Now that you got a mini warning to not blend this recipe in the magic bullet unless it’s cooled down, I think you might want to know why Matcha is the bomb dot com. It’s such a savory creamy recipe and taste like heaven but that’s not all. Matcha is known as a major superfood because it’s high in antioxidants and might prevent several diseases.

It’s also known for helping people with mental clarity and it promotes better focus throughout the day. Whenever I’m not in a coffee mood, I make this beverage but you must be warned that it’s a bit too delicious.

Matcha Green Tea Recipe


1 tbsp of grass-fed butter (I use Fourth & Heart Grass-Fed Vanilla Bean Ghee)

1 tsp of MCT oil (and/or coconut oil)

1 cup of hot water

Add a tiny bit of cinnamon (optional)

A very small amount of Matcha

1 tsp of Chai Spiced Honey (optional)

Add a small dash of Turmeric (if desired)

Add a tiny bit of Maca Root Powder (If desired)


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend it up for a few seconds until smooth. You don’t have to add milk or anything because the butter makes it creamy and smooth. Let me know in the comments if you adore this Matcha butter tea too.

Love always,

Princess Hiyah Akanqi

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor am I an expert on health. It’s very important for you to do further research before using matcha and/or talk with a doctor to learn more about it and to see if it’s right for you. Although matcha has many amazing health benefits, it isn’t correct for everyone.







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