Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How to Enter Into 2020 with a Positive Vibe

Name of the Year:
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Quote of the Year:
“She designed a life she loved.”
― Unknown

Every year is a new beginning and a new opportunity to enter into the New Year the right way. Many people share how much they hated the past year and forget to set positive intentions for the upcoming year, therefore, they are entering into the New Year with the same old vibe they had in the year they want to say goodbye to.

According to the law of attraction, what you focus on, you will attract it into your life. So, why not expect the best things to happen? If you expect positive things to happen, positive things will happen and the same thing goes for expecting negative things to happen. This year is a new beginning and yes, truly every day is a new beginning as well as every moment but when you shine a light on the entire year you’re attracting only the best.

Sometimes, something negative could happen but I believe that the good will always outweigh the bad. Instead of moping around about all the negative experiences that happened in your past year, think of all the harmonious things that happened to you. You could even write down all the things you are truly grateful for and watch how a beautiful smile appear onto your face because you can’t help but smile when you are feeling absolutely amazing.

The author of the book, Happy For No Reason, Marci Shimoff, shared how she loves to give her year a theme, which inspired me to do the same thing. Each year, I always name my year something completely new and/or I always have a quote of the year. This always makes my year much more exciting and I’m more than looking forward to all the amazing things that I am going to experience in 2020.
Happy New Year!!

Love always,
Princess Hiyah
Happy 2020!! Make as many wishes as you desire...


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  2. Simply Fabulous Princess Hiyah and I wish you, the most Harmonious New Year! 2020 Much Love <3


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