Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Faerie Dust for Morning Smoothies

It’s always nice to buy a frozen bag of fruit to add into my breakfast smoothies and I always add a handful of veggies, such as kale and spinach but I haven’t been doing so lately. I’ve been grabbing all-ready-made smoothies which are nice but sometimes I feel like I need a little bit more of a veggie boost.
Whenever I add the Espira Power Greens ($30.00) into my smoothies, it adds a nice flavor of greens to the fruit mix. All I do is pour any smoothie into my Espira Blender Bottle ($15.00), add the mixture into it, shake it well and enjoy the yummy flavors. It's like adding faerie dust into smoothies.

Espira Power Greens makes a great snack and/or a morning breakfast smoothie because it's pretty healthy for you. It has 50 organic greens and live probiotics that most people need if they aren't eating enough vegetables every day. Because I’ve been craving veggies, this vegan shake was perfect for me. It has a strong veggie flavor alone but you can add it to your smoothie or whatever beverage you desire (I recommend drinking it with some coconut water because it tastes divine.)
If you tried Espira Power Greens, let me know in the comments below if you adored it or check it out at my Avon Boutique linked here.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah
Espira Plant Power Protein (35.00) is a great vegan shake mix to add into almond milk
but it's more of a snack for me. It's great for when you want to cut back on all the sugary treats in
your house that have been calling your name and saying, "Eat me!"
...and if you want to take your shake on the go, it comes in handy for when you start craving sweets.

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  1. Sounds like it's full of Goodness! Thanks for sharing Princess Hiyah, I love the rich greens in my smoothie too. <3


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