Monday, September 2, 2019

Review: Anew Calming Clay Mask

Everyone should have a moment of relaxation in their everyday life because our bodies can get tense from being stressed out when we have to get stuff done from our to-do list. You could enjoy a simple relaxation ritual to add to your daily routine or you could do these things whenever you get a little break. There’s always time for “me time.” Never forget it…

For me, I can’t get past a week without giving myself a facial and I was completely excited about Avon’s three  NEW face mask collection. If you are interested in buying the Anew Brightening Clay Mask, Anew Purifying Clay Mask, or Anew Calming Clay Mask, you could go get them today at my Avon boutique. I brought one that I thought would be correct for my skin called, Anew Calming Clay Mask ($16.00).
Because my pores need some extra attention, I thought this clay mask would be perfect for me. It’s made with kaolin clay, which will cleanse your skin from any impurities. This mask can simply remove any excess dirt which leaves my skin feeling so soft, clean and moisturized. And it’s also made to remove any unwanted oils from your skin which is perfect for me since my somewhat oily skin.

The Aloe Vera plant is actually a magical beauty treatment. I used to add some Aloe Vera gel onto a cotton ball and massage the product onto my face which removes dead skin, cleanse my pores while leaving my skin feeling refreshed. Plus the Aloe Vera plant has healing properties, so when I heard this face mask was made with it, I couldn't resist myself from buying it.
I’m overall in love with Anew Calming Clay Mask because it has done nothing but deliver what it has promised me. It’s definitely something that I would repurchase because it has such a refreshing aroma that calms me after a nice long day and it rejuvenates my skin. It also feels so comfortable on my skin that I could help myself but to leave it on a little bit longer than 10 minutes (but you might want to follow direction.)

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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