Monday, September 23, 2019

Autumn Wishes: 7 Things I'd Love to Do for Autumn

There are so many reasons why I always fall into a beautiful daydream about Autumn. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, in my opinion, because the fall leaves always shimmers onto the ground leaving the Earth decorated. It’s always fun to crunch through the leaves as I walk through them and it brings back so many memories of my childhood.

I love it when the trees turn colors while creating a beautiful aesthetic for the world. It’s always wonderful to see pumpkins all over the place and Autumn themed decor. Plus, it’s the season that I was magically born into this world, so Happy Birthday season to me!!

There are so many possible experiences that I would love to accomplish someday, maybe even this year, I would but at least they are apart of my bucket list. Right?
Watch a Disney classic film. It’s been a while since I’ve turned on the tv which is so big for me because I used to binge-watch Netflix all day, every day but maybe I should watch Twitches. It’s one of my favorite classic Disney Holloween films and I that I do really miss it. “Go Twitches, Go Twitches!!”

Create some homemade candy apples. I’ve always loved getting candy apples when I was younger and sharing it with my mom but I’ve never made my own before. It should be a fun project. When I do create my own candy apple, I promise to blog all about it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve always had a pumpkin spice latte every year without fail and I’m not planning on missing out at all this year. I must have a special cup of pumpkin goodness.

Carve some pumpkins. Never did this myself but I wouldn’t mind creating a heart on mine or I would at least attempt it cuz I am no Da Vinci.

Go shopping. Who doesn’t love to shop for Autumn wear? I could use some new booties and a cozy sweater and because I’m living in Georgia, I could probably wear it out in public during the Wintertime, if it’s not too warm. In Wisconsin, my Autumn fashion was hidden under a big coat because I wanted to stay warm and the weather can become pretty icy over there.

Pumpkin Spice Body Care. Do you guys know any body care products that are so creamy that it’ll melt into my skin? I would love a product that has autumn vibes asap.

Homemade pumpkin beauty products. Why not? Ima create a little experiment and add some pumpkins into a homemade hair mask, face mask, etc. Autumn is the month to do it. When I do, I promise to create a DIY blog post for it.

What else should I do for fall? Any suggestions?

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


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