Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to Share Memories on Instagram | Entrepreneur

It’s amazing to see all the amazing pictures on Instagram of people sharing their favorite moments in life, such as going to the park, sharing that they just had a latte at Starbucks, sharing how much fun they are having with friends, etc. It’s always nice when they post a favorite quote which can relate to how they are feeling: empowered, inspired or beautiful. Instagram can be used for personal and/or business.

I’m no expert when it comes to Instagram but I do use it for business. If you are just starting off with your Avon boutique, I would suggest that you create a business account ASAP. Instagram can be used as a blog to share all your favorite beauty products, fashion, and Espira products that you’ve tried from Avon and it’ll attract potential customers that might sign up for emails. It’s a great way to earn some extra money for those new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting.

Make a professional profile and skip out on posting something that’s inappropriate that might make others feel uncomfortable. Instagram is a great way to show that you are your own boss and people love confidence. Although you can easily share all your favorite products from your boutique, don’t be a robot. Show them that you are also human by sharing your favorite quote or that you went out to eat at your favorite restaurant. It’s a great way for people to get to know you and they can relate to you in some way.

You can also study how successful YouTubers and bloggers use Instagram to have a few examples of how you might want to promote your business. Don’t feel discouraged if you see how advanced they are because everyone has to start from somewhere. Just start posting pictures, be authentic and you’ll grow over time.

I will suggest that you shouldn’t take photography from your Avon boutique to share on Instagram because it’s far more authentic for you to buy the product, take a picture of it (with your phone or other) and share it on Instagram because this shows that you actually use the products yourself and you’re not just trying to make money from it. You will receive customers who will trust that you actually adore the products.

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Princess Hiyah

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