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21 Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secret Used By Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s reign dates back to 51 BC but she still has her impact on many because of the fact that she had a demanding beauty that you couldn’t miss. Her beauty secrets have been the talk for centuries and we can use many of them today because they are ultimately beneficial in many ways.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Painter

Rosewater face toner. Adding rose water to your skincare routine can give your skin a boost of hydration and it has anti-aging properties. I could only imagine that Cleopatra had flawless youthful skin that her people admired.
Aloe vera gel skincare remedy. Aloe vera gel can soothe your acne and cleanses away dead skin while leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Sugar wax. Many women use sugar wax as an alternative for regular wax because it’s healthier and will prevent ingrown hairs.
Shea butter lotion. You can easily make a homemade body butter using olive oil, shea butter, or other to give your skin the hydration it needs. Apply this on after a bubble bath and it’ll lock in the moisture.
Kohl as eyeliner. She may have been the Queen of the cat eye because Egyptian makeup took things to a whole new level in her time.
Grape and honey face mask. Crush grapes, add some honey and apply it onto your skin to create the best face mask. Grapes naturally revitalizes the skin and is used as an anti-aging remedy.
She adorned herself with fragrances. Who doesn’t love to smell lovely? Cleopatra’s favorite scents were roses and jasmine which means she smelled as beautiful as a garden.
Donkey milk and honey bath. You might have already heard of this ancient beauty secret because I feel like everyone is obsessed with talking about Cleopatra taking a milk and honey bath. Add three cups of milk, five tablespoons of olive oil and one half of honey into your bathwater. You can throw a few rose petals in there if you want to make it into a royal treatment.
Gold face mask. Well, you know… If you have so much gold in your royal kingdom, why not make it into a face mask? Or if you’re like me, you need something a little more affordable like my Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask here.
Red lipstick. She used to crush beetles to create red lipstick... so I heard.
Mint and honey face mask. Can get rid of blackheads while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and youthful.
Sea salt body and face scrub. Cleopatra used this beauty treatment to unclog pores, cleanse away dead skin and to soften her skin.
Apple cider vinegar face rinse. She used this to prevent acne and for radiant skin.
She used ginger as a skincare treatment. You can use ginger to prevent acne and to fight any signs of aging.
Henna nail polish. I’ve read that she used henna to dye her nails, yellow, brown, red, and orange.
White clay mask. Give your pores a deep cleanse with white clay and watch how beautiful your skin becomes.
Raw eggs have many vitamins that can heal damaged hair.
Hot oil treatment can hydrate dry hair instantly. All you need to do is warm several of your favorite oils and massage it through your scalp and hair.
Beeswax can prevent dry skin without clogging up your pores.
Olive oil and honey facial can give your skin a boost of hydration while preventing blackheads.
Oatmeal face mask. Appling oats as a facial can remove dead skin, cleanse and hydrate your skin. Yes, that's a picture me which I took a few years ago wearing an oatmeal mask and I loved it.

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Disclaimer: I am no beauty expert and I am no doctor, so I would like for you to get further research before you try these things to see if they work for you. All the information here is from research I’ve found online but I only shared beauty secrets that I thought seem safe.

I learned something from a source that I thought wasn’t safe for anyone to try, so I didn’t share it… Again, please do further research before trying these beauty treatments to see if it’s correct for you to use at home.


  1. Beautiful article Princess Hiyah, thanks for all the home made beauty tips. I really like the oatmeal facial Lol! <3


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