Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Why You Should Never Underestimate the Power of an Avocado #NationalAvocadoDay

I’ve been using avocados as a natural hair care treatment for years but I couldn’t believe all the knowledge that I've learned today. Avocados can be ultimately beneficial for your hair, skin, and health. And to think, I only thought apples were the bomb dot com for our health. No offense apples, but avocados are kinda underrated. Here’s why.
Avocados can promote healthy hair growth. When I first learned that you can put avocados in your hair, I didn’t hesitate before I made my first hair mask. You can use one avocado alone or you can add anything to the hair mask, such as a banana, coconut milk, coconut oil, raw honey, or other. Blend it all together, wear the mask for 15 minutes (or more) and then wash it off.
Avocados can hydrate dry hair. It’s always important to keep your hair moisturized and wearing an avocado hair mask for a few minutes can get the job done. Your hair will feel softer and hydrated within seconds.
Avocados are great for cleansing your hair. Believe it or not, but avocados can cleanse your hair just like shampoo would (from experience.) It can loosen up any dirt that is on your scalp and wash it right out of your hair. I would recommend that you blend it up and make it a smooth texture by adding coconut oil, coconut milk, aloe vera gel or other (but it works best as a hair mask because your hair can soak up all the nutrition.
Avocados can make your hair smell really nice. If you adore the natural aroma of an avocado, then you won’t mind it giving your hair a fresh fragrance after you’ve cleaned it with a hair mask.
Avocados make a great snack. Add avocado to some toast and you’ve got a perfect little snack.
You can create a sweet avocados smoothie. I love adding some natural juice, frozen berries and one avocado to my smoothie because it’s so delicious like dessert.
Avocados can prevent dandruff. No flaky, irritated and itchy scalp here.
Avocados can make your hair grow healthy and strong. It’s the Beyonce of fruit because before you know it, your hair will become flawless.
Avocados can prevent hair loss. You can receive less breakage and fuller hair because avocados are magical.
Avocados can give your hair the protection it needs. Sometimes when the weather changes, it can affect our hair but avocados can prevent some damages. For instance, during the wintertime, my hair can get so cold, it’ll cause damage but avocados promised me that it’ll give my hair the hydration it needs.
Avocados heal damaged hair. True dat...
Avocados have anti-aging benefits. You can wear avocados as a face mask which can give your skin a boost of hydration.
Avocados can nourish your skin. After wearing a face mask made of avocados, you might notice how clean, soft and smooth your skin is. It’s important to use a face mask at least once a week to give your pores a deep cleanse and avocados will be the perfect start.
Avocados can make you a happy person. Studies have stated that eating avocados can be a natural de-stressor.
Avocados can be great for your brain. From some research, I’ve learned that avocados can be used to improve your memory. So why not add it to your list of study snacks?
Avocados can be a natural vitamin to help your nails grow healthy. Eat more avocados for a healthy manicure.
Avocados can help you with digestion. Avocados have the power to make you feel beautiful from the inside and out because it’s healthy for your body. It has a natural fiber that can make your body feel grateful to have a healthy digestion.
Avocados can improve your eyesight. As I unknowingly irritated my older brother as a child, copying the cartoons when I bit into a carrot saying, “What’s up doc,” I knew that carrots can improve your eyesight. Well, technically I thought I would be able to see in the dark because my imagination ran wild when I was told this. Now I know that it’s not just carrots that can improve your eyesight, avocados can too.

Have a happy avocado day!!

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


Disclaimer: I am not a health nutritionist nor am I an expert on avocados but I do adore them myself. Any information you've learned here was from my own online research but you can do further research to see if what I've stated was from the right source.


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