Monday, July 22, 2019

My 3 Day Experience with This Acne Treatment System (Day 1)

I’ve been wanting to try Clearskin® Professional Acne Treatment System ($38.00) for years and finally received it in the mail. I’ve been having some trouble with my skin because I’ve noticed that my pores can get pretty clogged up, plus I have oily skin that I need to take good care of.

Technically, I don’t have issues with acne but I do get a few pimples every once in a while so I figured this will be a great way to give my skin a deep cleanse. Clearskin® Professional Acne Treatment System is a three-step skincare routine and it claims that you’ll see some results within the first three days so I wanted to take on this lovely test try for myself and share what I've experienced within the first three days of this treatment.

Note that everyone’s skin is completely different and your experience most will likely be different than mine so I would say you should try this product out for yourself to see if it will work for you. I would also suggest that you find out if this product is correct for you by reading the description before using it.
Day 1

I have issues around my nose, t-zone area and chin because it’s usually clogged up with dirt and I thought the first product I should use is the Clearskin® Professional Liquid Extraction Strip ($16.00) which is meant for those three areas. This product doesn’t come with the trio but you can buy it separately.

As soon as I applied it on to my skin, I’ve noticed how sticky it was which I’m not used to. I’m used to pill-off masks to be more liquidy textured but this one was very thick and sticky. I was nervous about this and was hoping that it wasn’t a bad product but when I searched for a review, someone else also experienced this too. If you’ve experienced this or other with this product, comment below.
After this product dried, I pilled it off to discover that it brought all the dirt to the surface. I know this wasn’t apart of the three-step package but I’m adding this as another step in the process.

It’s important that you don’t use and face scrub too often so you won’t damage your skin but Clearskin® Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub ($10.00) can be used daily (depending on how sensitive your skin is.) It’s made to prevent blemishes, acne and it’s designed to remove any dirt from your skin.
As soon as I applied this product, I notice to the cooling sensation that it gave me but the texture was surprising to me for some reason because it was very pasty with exfoliating grains within it to cleanse access dirt and it was very white. I believe that this might be a great solution for me because after I washed it off, I notice a pimple came up to the surface.

I then massaged one pad of the Clearskin® Professional Clarifying Toner Pads ($15.00) onto my cleansed skin which contains 45 pads within it. It gave my skin a small tingly feeling mainly around my nose area but it only felt that way for a short amount of time.

Finally, the third step of this acne treatment was to apply the Clearskin® Professional Daily Correcting Lotion ($16.00) which also is designed to work some magic. It will not only hydrate your skin but reduce blemishes and acne as long as you are wearing it.

I would most definitely say that my experience for day one, was pretty amazing because it left my skin feeling extremely fresh and clean. I’ll see you tomorrow for an update since I’m going to use it as soon as I get home from working all day.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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