Monday, July 29, 2019

Morrocco Method Raw Vegan Shampoo

I remember a young YouTuber shared on her video, that natural hair is naturally dry but this is not really true from my experience. What some people don't know is that chemical-based shampoos can strip your hair from its natural oils which can cause your hair to dry out. When you began to use the right products that your hair needs, dry hair would not be anything you need to worry about.

In 2015, I notice that my damaged hair was beginning to heal itself after I started to do the water only washing method which had completely detoxed my hair from all that gunk I used to use. Now I only use natural products in my hair. Although I still use the water only washing method, I love to buy raw vegan shampoos every once in a while.
I’ve recently had received my Morrocco Method order within the mail which I was so excited by because each product has an element theme and is completely raw vegan. You can wash your hair with these products every day because they are natural and healthy for your hair. Morrocco Method does recommend that you rotate each shampoo, for instance, fire, ether, air, water, and then earth. I’m not sure if that’s the correct order that they recommend but I’ve seen a photograph of the shampoos with a rotation arrow with this order so it might be correct.

Each product has a pleasant aroma, an earthy color, and a soft texture. It’s all made to detox your hair from anything damaging that your hair was used to receiving. Morrocco Method was created to cleanse your hair without creating a foamy texture.
Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo is a fire element and will revitalize your hair and stimulate your scalp with its natural ingredients.
Sea Essence Shampoo is a water element and will give your hair a natural shine as if you are a mermaid swimming in the sea.
Pine Shale Shampoo is an air element that is made with ingredients that will give your hair the right nourishment that it needs.
Heavenly Essence Shampoo is an ether element made with aloe vera which has many healing properties and it will give your hair the hydration that it needs.
Earth Essence Shampoo is an earth element and will make your hair feel thicker and fuller.

After using this raw vegan shampoo, I can definitely say that I didn’t experience any residue of the product left in my hair. Each shampoo washed out perfectly for me and it left my hair smelling beautiful, feeling soft, fluffy and clean. I’ve always used the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo but this was the first time that I’ve tried the other shampoos and I absolutely adored them.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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