Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Have something amazing ever happened to you and it just put you in the best mood ever? For instance, you find a five dollar bill on your pathway and next you discover a beautiful bracelet lost on your path ready for you to claim it. That’s somewhat a ripple effect where good things just keep on happening for you. It’s because you are on the right frequency and the right vibration to experience these things. That’s what I witness today at work.

There was nothing interesting happening until a customer came through the drive through that made the movie of life that I was watching quite fun. He brought his meal and was feeling extra generous, so he asked to pay for the next car’s meal. He didn’t know her at all. He just wanted to buy it. So I went ahead and did as he wished.

As the next car drove up, her face lite up with excitement and stated, “I’ll buy the meal for the car behind me and maybe it’ll cause a ripple effect.” I laughed and did as she wished. The next car droved up and was shocked by the little story I shared, how everyone has been paying for the next car’s order. They wanted in on the fun and paid half of the next car’s order.

As the next car drove up, they paid half for the next car’s order and made the last guy smile. The ripple effect ended but it was pretty fun to watch. What an interesting day today. Has this ever happened to you? Share in the comment below about a fun experience you had or that you’ve seen happen for someone else. I’d love to hear all about.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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