Monday, June 24, 2019

Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks Pt. 7: Brightening Clay Mask

I’ve brought Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask twice and I’m still not satisfied because I wish I could buy a bigger size of these mini face mask. Unfortunately, these products are no longer on the market but as soon as it comes back, I’m not gonna hesitate before I buy it. Trust me.
The final face mask I’ve used of this box was called Brightening Clay Mask which is made with Vitamin C and Green Tea which both can reduce the signs of aging. My skin was so happy after using this because not only are these two ingredients great for maintaining a youthful glow but clay mask can also be used to treat oily skin which I think I have. It’s amazing.
I know it’s not on the market anymore but I’m hoping it’ll come back. Luckily, Avon is selling new face mask which is similar to a few of the sample sized facials from this box which I’m loving right now. You can look forward to reading a review on one of them very soon but until then shop at my Avon boutique by clicking the link here.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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