Monday, June 3, 2019

Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks Pt. 4: Soothing Face Mask

When I was younger, I would apply aloe vera gel on a cotton ball and then massage it into my skin. It always removed dead skin, access dirt and left my skin feeling soft and smooth because it’s a natural moisturizer (+exfoliator). Aloe vera gel also gave my skin a boost of hydration as well, so it’s completely beneficial during those cold and dry Winter days.
There are many healing properties that the aloe vera plant provides and when you add it to your skincare routine, you’re maintaining healthy skin. From someone who has used aloe vera for skin care reasons, you will most definitely get amazing results from this nature’s blissful plant.
I’m completely in love with Avon Beauty Boost Face Mask called Soothing Face Mask, which is made with the lovely aloe vera plant to give your skin some healing magic. It’s creamy and extra hydrating. It left my skin feeling so soft and delicate that I wouldn’t mind buying the bigger size. I’m sorry, but the sample size just isn’t enough. I need more… much more because I’m obsessed with these sweet little beauty treats. Have you tried any of these yet?

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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  1. Nice, I love taking good care of my skin too. Thanks for sharing Princess Hiyah good information:)


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