Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Why You Should Never Underestimate the Power of Coconut Oil

If you ask me, coconut oil is the most magical ingredient that every girl should add to their beauty and health routine. One reason why it’s magical is that coconut oil by itself has many benefits alone that can help you in so many ways. I use it just as much as Tinkerbell uses her fairy dust but after my research, I’ve found out more ways you could use coconut oil that I think I’m going to try as well. Enjoy!!
Coconut oil can give you a boost of hydration. You can finally say goodbye to dry skin by applying coconut oil all over your body. It’s a natural moisturizer and it’s healthy for your skin. Go ahead and try it.
Coconut oil is an anti-aging serum. From my research, coconut oil is one ingredient that can act as a natural anti-aging serum. Because it’s so hydrating, it helps you fight against dry skin which prevents wrinkles. Becoming mature and wiser is the goal but looking like your 10+ years younger is a gift from the Heavens above.
It’s a natural makeup remover. Obviously, using chemicals on our skin isn’t the best option. Luckily, coconut oil is a natural cleanser that can gently remove your makeup without any harm to your skin. Massage it all over your face (including mascara) and watch this fairy dust do its magic.
You can use coconut oil as a cleanser. It’s not just for removing your makeup, you can cleanse your skin with coconut oil as well. I sometimes massage coconut oil onto my skin and then leave it on my skin for a few minutes as if it’s a face mask. Then I wash it off by exfoliating my skin with my face towel. It’s hydrating and cleansing at the same time. Plus, this method removes dead skin. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but it’s one of my favorite beauty treatments.
Coconut oil can help you with dry, cracked lips. I’m obsessed with hydrating my lips, especially during the Winter and coconut oil it one of the best ways to maintain a perfect pout.
You can shave your legs with coconut oil. Treat yourself with a natural hair remover treatment. Coconut oil can shave your legs while leaving them hydrated at the same time.
Coconut oil can reduce dandruff. If you have issues with a dry scalp and dandruff, then you should give coconut oil a try. It might work for you.
Coconut oil promotes hair growth. Massage your scalp with coconut oil at least once a week to promote hair growth. Trust me. It works.
Coconut oil can heal damaged hair. I’ve experienced hair damage for many years and the moment my hair begin to be repaired was the moment I’ve begun to use coconut oil in my hair. It’s magical.
Coconut oil can prevent hair loss. Studies have shown that coconut oil can not only help you with hair growth but it can also prevent fall out and hair loss for many people. Add coconut oil to your hair care routine and you’ll see some progress.
Coconut oil can moisturize dry hair. The reason why your hair is itchy, dry and if you are experiencing breakage, it might be because you need to hydrate your hair more. Coconut oil is a long-lasting hydration that can help your hair with so many issues, including dryness. Don’t hesitate before applying this to your hair.
Coconut oil is the best hair mask I’ve ever used. You can use coconut oil alone as a hair mask or add it to your homemade hair mask to give you a magical boost. Hair mask idea: Blend some coconut oil with one (or two) avocado and you have yourself an instant hair mask. You can also heat coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, etc. together and apply it to your hair as a hot oil treatment. Go crazy with experimenting.
Coconut oil can prevent split ends. Yup...
Coconut oil can tame frizzy hair and it’s a detangler. Coconut can instantly make your hair neater as you smooth it gently into your hair.
It can kill germs. Coconut oil is absolutely healthy for you to eat and it can kill so many harmful germs and bacteria for you.
It’s perfect for helping you with your oral health. I’m new to oil pulling and I’m officially obsessed with it. It can prevent so many health issues and it can help you with bad breath. You might also want to try this method to whiten your teeth.
Coconut oil can reduce your appetite. I’m no expert in weight loss but I’ve heard so many benefits that coconut oil has that help you with weight loss. For one, it can curve your appetite which means you might think twice before grabbing that second piece of the pie.
It can burn fat, especially stubborn belly fat. I’m gonna give this one a go since I’ve heard it can help me get rid of my pooch. Have this one worked for you?
Coconut oil can you with digestion. <3
You can cook with it. You can replace butter and olive oil because this is much healthier. Trust me. Plus, I love the flavor it gives my food.
It’s possible that coconut oil can prevent cancer. Or at least that’s what I’ve read from some articles.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


Disclaimer: I am not an expert on health but I personally use coconut oil myself and it works for me. I also shared some research I've found about coconut oil that works for many others. Have a great day loves!!

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  1. I use coconut oil every day...Thanks for sharing all the ways we can use coconut oil Princess Hiyah! <3


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