Monday, April 22, 2019

Your Spring Essentials: The A Box

Whenever I’m shopping at my Avon boutique here, I always love to give myself an extra treat by buying The A Box because it’s only $10.00 with any $40.00 order. You will normally receive makeup, skincare, and fragrance but sometimes you might receive jewelry. Each product is worth more than what you’ve purchased which makes it a great deal. If you want to get you The A Box, shop at my Avon boutique here and have fun…

I’m pretty simple when it comes to wearing eyeliners because I like the classic black winged eyes but whenever I want to try something new, I love wearing a dark blue color. I’ve never considered a plum color but when I tried Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner ($7.00) in Sugar Plum, I fell head over heels for it.

I’m obsessed with Avon’s lipsticks, especially this one because it has nourishing ingredients such as, jojoba oil that will keep your lips hydrated all day long. I wasn’t sure about this color at first for my skin tone but it actually looked pretty great on me. I am also loving that it gives my lips full coverage and has a satin finish. Which color should I try next?

I’m amazed that this fragrance had captured the entire essence of Spring and it always puts me in the best mood ever. I have the bigger size of this fragrance but it’s always nice to have a travel size just in case. Click here for the full review on this perfume.

You can buy a product from Avon’s ANEW collection that fits your needs because it’s almost for everyone. I normally purchase anything that can help with keeping my skin hydrated because the more hydrated your skin is, the more youthful you will look.

If you need a product that can smooth out your wrinkles and repair damaged skin then you might want to try this product by clicking the link here. It wouldn’t do me any justice to try this one myself because I’m still pretty young but if you try it and love it, give a review on my Avon boutique website here.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah
My mother, Queen, who is wearing her cute Avon top.
Shop at my Avon boutique here to get one.

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