Monday, April 29, 2019

Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks Pt. 1: Super Power Serum

From the moment I saw this NEW Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks ($20.00) I fell head over heels in love with it, mainly because it has six sample size face masks and one Power Boost Serum that all comes inside of the box. Each sample is meant to target pacific issues that you might have to deal with skincare wise. I’m interested in sharing my thoughts on each of these face masks with you in a seven-part series, so stay tuned for the future blog posts for each of the masks.
One amazing treat that comes in this box is the Super Power Serum which is designed to enhance the beautiful benefits that each face mask has to offer. I applied this serum easily with a cotton pad and then my skin was ready for a face mask. I completely adored the pleasant floral fragrance of this Super Power Serum and wouldn't mind buying a bigger size if I could, but until then, the sample size will do.
Have you tried the NEW Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks (Limited Edition) yet? If so (or when you do try it) share your thoughts about it in the comments below and let me know which one is your fave. Don’t forget to visit my blog again to read the part two review for the next face mask.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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  1. I love a good facial mask. Thanks for sharing Princess Hiyah! <3


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