Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Wishes

I was very fortunate to have grown up in Wisconsin where I was able to experience the snowy weather. It was always my tradition to walk through the snow and leave footprints even as a young adult. I mean, you’re never too old for snow. Right?

I’ve expressed how much I adored Autumn in a previous blog post because it’s my favorite season of all but I must share what I adore about Winter as well. There is something that is so magical about this season…
Always leave your footprints in the snow… It’s a tradition whenever I see snow, is to leave my footprints. Let your inner child self express itself, especially on a serious adulting day.
Play in the snow at least once in your lifetime. Have you ever made a snowman, had a snow fight or make a snow angel? Add it to your bucket list ASAP… lol I’ve made a few snow angels but the snowman my brother and I built one time wasn’t perfect but that okay.
When in doubt, wear red lipstick for a perfect pout. Okay, let's be honest here. You can wear red lipstick at any time of the year but it’s one of the best looks to rock for Christmas and New Years Eve. Am I right?
It’s the perfect time for hot chocolate because you need to warm up after being outside in the cold. I’m obsessed with hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and a dash of cinnamon. It’s not Winter without hot chocolate.
Give a Secret Santa gift to your loved ones. In 2018, Santa Claus left my family and me festive candy apples and they were delicious. Thank you so much, Santa (me.)
Be a snowflake. Haven't you heard that saying that expresses that we are all like a snowflake? It’s so true. Snowflakes are all unique. Whenever you see snowfall, say, “Thank you.” That’s the higher source reminding you to appreciate what makes you unique. Be a snowflake.
Invest in a few body care products and lip balm. Hand creams, body creams, and lip balm are most important during this time of the year. No one likes dry skin and cracked lips.
It’s a great time to get ready for the New Year. I love to give myself a quote of the year which sets the vibe of the entire year…
Scarfs, boots, coats, oh my… I think the most important accessory is a scarf, followed by some cute boots and a nice jacket or coat. Whatever you need to keep yourself warm.
Protective hairstyles are important all year round… but it’s most important during the winter. I think the cold weather makes my hair dry which causes breakage. I normally braid it, twist it or do very little styling because I need to maintain my hair.

What're your favorite things about Winter? Let me know in the comments below…

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


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