Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How I Got Featured On Avon's Website // Join Now

Each time I share a photo of an Avon product I brought, I always tag Avon on the photo. I’ve noticed that each time I tagged them, they had no choice but to notice me. They ended up liking a few of the photos (and sometimes leaving a comment on my post.) This, of course, empowered me as an Avon Independent Sales Representative because who wouldn’t want to be recognized by the leaders of the company you are working for. It’s amazing!
This is the photo that was featured on their website.
Do as I did and you'll not only get the attention of customers but Avon too.
One day, I shared a nice Holiday nail polish on my Insta and Avon commented asking for my permission to share the photo. I was honored and said, “Yes!” Why wouldn’t I? It’s Avon…

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Love always,
Princess Hiyah



  1. Beautiful color, I love Avon nail polishes. Thanks for sharing Princess Hiyah!


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