Monday, October 15, 2018

How to Make Homemade Rosewater Face Toner + Hair Mist

A while ago, I was so disappointed with a coconut water face mist that I had brought because although it was a popular product, it was ultimately unhealthy for my skin. All the chemicals they used made my pores look bad which forced me to discontinue using it. Fortunately, my mom told me to clean out the bottle and use it for something else which was a great idea because I came across a rose water recipe online that was perfect for my empty spray bottle…
Why you should use Rosewater?

Rose water can give your skin an ultimate boost of hydration which leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

Rose water can be used to treat acne because it is extremely healthy for your pores.

You can use rose water to balance your oily skin.

It will leave you with a pleasant rosy scent since its an all natural fragrance.

It's great for correcting damaged hair and promotes hair growth.

...and the list goes on.
You will need:

A Bouquet of Red Roses. Buying organic roses are the ideal when you are making this toner/face mist because organic roses are chemical free.

Distilled water.

A cooking pot.

Add your rose petals to a cooking pot and pour some of the distilled water into the rose petals. Let all the ingredients boil or simmer until the rose petals lose its color. You can use a strainer to separate the petals from the rose water but allow the ingredients to cool down before you pour the rose water into a container.

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