Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sips By June & July Teas: Countess Citron Tulsi, Etc.

I know that I am far too late to share my love for the teas that was sent to me from Sips By for the month of June and July but I thought, why not? I think this company is so amazing since they send you one box with four different tea brands every month for only $15. Great deal, right? For these two months, I’ve received some unique brands that I’m loving at the moment…
The Green Lemon Tea by Newby Teas is a Japanese Style tea and it has a rich taste in my opinion. It’s made with lemon pieces and young green tea leaves. I usually only drink plain tea but because this was strong, I added a teaspoon of honey and one cinnamon stick. Overall, it was pretty yummy.
I was surprised with the Organic Beauty Me Tea by Full Leaf Tea Co because it’s made special ingredients that promote healthy hair and beautiful skin. It’s quite like the yummy vitamins that I adore from Hum Nutrition, but it’s in tea form. How amazing is this?

I would count this tea as one of my faves because how beneficial it is for my beauty and it has a soft mint flavor that I fell madly in love with. It’s truly a great tea to start my day with.
When you need a boost of energy in the morning, it’s always a good choice to go for a cup of tea with caffeine in it (but only when I’m taking a break from coffee… haha.) Kenyan Black Tea with Mango by Ajiri Tea is kind of strong in flavor with the soft sweet taste of mango. I really enjoyed it but most importantly this company gives back to their community. The money they make with this black tea is donated to their local orphans for a better education. How sweet? Education is always important plus black tea is ultimately healthy for you, so now you have two reasons for buying this tea.
I’ve tried Zest Tea before in my previous Sips By box and fell in love with it, so of course, I was excited that they threw another flavor to try in this new box called, Earl Grey. It’s my favorite tea of them all (especially the brand) because it has that strong flavor that I’m obsessed with and it has a bit a caffeine that I need to give me enough energy in the morning.
I do love adding some lemon to my tea but this Lemon & Lime Twist by Ahmad Tea was already made with it. It had a strong flavor (in my opinion) so I added a teaspoon of honey into it and was good to go. If you’re a black tea lover like I am then you might love this tea.

I must add that the smell of this tea was so divine that I wish it was a candle. It smelled sooooo good.
The Jasmine Green by Zhi Tea wasn’t really my fave but it tasted okay with some honey and I added a cinnamon stick just because it’s good for you. You all might love this tea because my brother tried it and loved it. It’s an organic tea that's made with green tea leaves and jasmine.
Something that was quite different than what I was used it is the Lavender Matcha by 3 Leaf Tea which I thought was interesting. I’m not sure if anyone adds something sweet to it like honey but I enjoyed it plain. It has a strong flavor, a green color and all you do is whisk it in hot water to mixed it in your mug. I hear that Matcha has health benefits.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind purchasing this product just to freestyle a yummy but healthy tea recipe with it. I hear that some people mix it with almond milk (but don’t take my word for it because I haven’t tried it.) Do you have recipes for this tea? Let me know. I’m curious.
At first, I thought that this Countess Citrom Tulsi by The Milana Co was in a sachet tea bag but it had loose leaf tea. I’m in love with this tea as well since the flavor had a refreshing taste and it smelled so lovely. It’s also made to relax you when you are drinking it so you can stress less.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah

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