Saturday, September 8, 2018

Be Honest About How You Are Feeling // #SelfLove

Whenever I read something or hear someone sharing their honest opinion about something, I always admire them so much and it empowers me more to express my honest opinion, because once upon a time, I was just a “nice” little girl who wanted to please the world.

I would literally be “nice” to everyone, even if they were being absolutely mean to me and just a heads up for anyone who has no clue why I’m using quotation marks, being “nice” isn’t necessarily a good thing. In history, the definition of “nice” is actually foolish and stupid, so technically when people are calling you “nice” they are really calling you ignorant.

Because I was so focused on being a nice person, I would put everyone else’s feelings before my own, even if it meant that I will suffer in the end and even saying, “no” was more so a foreign word to me. I made sure that I did nothing to upset others and I made sure that I didn’t say anything or do anything that may hurt anyone else’s feelings.

Now I understand that being honest about how I feel and expressing my opinion about something, has nothing to do with hurting anyone else’s feelings. It’s not even personal… But if something particular comes my way, where I literally have no choice but to share how I feel about it, then that’s what I must do and the other person would have to deal with it.

Sorry... not really… Being honest with myself is far better than being “nice” to everybody and I promise to give others the same respect that I give myself. I know how it feels to lie to yourself for the benefit of others and it’s not a good feeling. Be honest and love yourself.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


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