Friday, September 7, 2018

12 Reasons Why Mermaids Are An Inspirational Muse

The world we are living in, is full of endless possibilities, especially when it comes to the deep blue sea. Have you ever seen a mermaid before? There are mythological creatures shared in folklore stories in many cultures for many generations, stating that there are beings swimming in the sea, with the appearance of a beautiful woman from the waist up, but is a fish from the waist down. What do you think? Are mermaids real?

Oh, you want to know if I believe that mermaids exist? Why yes. I’ve always believed in this enchanted legend. It’s too alluring to resist.

Our lives are simply interesting as humans but sometimes, we need a boost of inspiration to make our days a little bit better, but from what source? Well, today, mermaids are our inspirational muse because under the deep blue sea is full of hidden wisdom.

Love every curve on your body. Mermaids adore their body from every shape and size. They do not believe that there is one type of beauty because we are all unique. Love your body because it’s beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your look. Mermaids are passionate about fashion. They adorn themselves with all the beautiful gems and treasures that they can find. Adding a little sparkle to their tale always looks amazing as they shimmer through the sea.

There are scary things under the sea, but don’t let it stop you from exploring the world. Sometimes our fears can hold us back from accomplishing our dreams but only if we allow them to.

You can find beauty everywhere, so don’t waste your time on looking for the worst. Even if there is negativity around you, don't forget to be grateful for all the beauty that's in the world.

Drink plenty of water. H2O is naturally calming and it’s healthy for you from the inside out. Your mood might improve and your body will feel amazing. Drink more water.

Seashell never drops her crown. Mermaids are royals in the sea and they are proud of who they are. Always hold your head up high as if you are wearing a crown.

Love what you sea when you gaze into the mirror. Sure, those girls in magazines look pretty, but do you know how beautiful you are? Don’t ever compare your beauty to someone else’s beauty and don’t be afraid to admire how unique you are on the mirror mirror on the wall.

Mermaids are not afraid to use their beautiful voices. Sirens are known to get a lot of attention for the voices. When you speak from your heart, it’s going to make a powerful impression.

Just because there’s a storm doesn’t mean you should stop swimming. Failure and mistakes are not the ends of the world, it’s a new beginning. You have the opportunity to learn from them all. And don’t worry if you fall down, because you could always swim back up to the top.

Enjoy the moment. The future will come but until then focus on the present moment. There are so many amazing things right in front of you that you don’t want to miss out on.

Make a wish every time you sea a starfish. It’s completely okay to dream. Mermaids are believers in the impossible. If you believe in yourself and know that it’s possible to accomplish anything, then it will have to come true. Just make a simple wish upon a star.

Embrace how unique you are and own it. There’s no need for trying to fit in with all the other sea creatures when you were born to stand out.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


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