Saturday, August 25, 2018

Your Curves Are B-E-A-Utiful // #SelfLove

When I was in elementary school, I remember my class and I had to take this dance class. I was so excited about this class because I adored dancing. I remember the dance teacher taught us a new dance routine that I thought would be a piece of cake, since my brother and I was already in a dance group called, “The Rugrat Kids,” but we only performed at family reunions. It was so cute and I felt very confident when it came to dancing.

Whenever I would dance, I never thought of how I looked or what anyone thought of me because dancing wasn’t about being perfect. It was just fun, until the moment I began to dance the new routine that the teacher taught us all.

Understand that growing up, no matter how innocent my mind was, I was always negatively judged by grown women who used to call me “fast” because I blossomed a lot sooner than most girls. I was known for having a big butt and was kind of called "fat" by all the super skinny girls in my grade and of course, I got some attention from boys… but like I said before, I had a very innocent mind. I didn’t even understand what sexuality was. I was only a child, just like every other little girl in my classroom, but that’s not what the dance teacher thought…

Our dance teacher pulled me aside and talked to me in a somewhat whisper voice saying that I can’t move like the other girls can because of the way my body was built and even though I couldn't understand why the dance routine (in her mind) was only okay for the other little girls, this was the moment that conditioned me to believe that there was something nasty and inappropriate about my body that I should feel ashamed of. My body was wrong.

After making me feel ashamed about my body, she tried to laugh it off by squeezing my thigh saying, “Is that all you?” I went back to join my classmates but instead of having fun while dancing, I hardly moved my body because I began to believe that my body was inappropriate.

It wasn’t until now that I am in my twenties that I feel absolutely comfortable with wearing shorts and showing off my legs because even though I wore my legs out before (like when my mom bought me a cute hot pink  mini skirt when I was fourteen years old) there was just a negative feeling that I had because of that experience with the dance teacher that made me feel as if my body was a total sin or something. That was wrong. There’s nothing wrong with my body at all and it was wrong of her to make such a negative judgment about my body.

I am grateful for my body and my curves and I won’t allow anyone to make me feel like anything that expresses a females sex appeal is inappropriate. It’s a way of life. Love yourself and your body. It’s b-e-a-utiful.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah


  1. That is such a horrible experience, I am sorry to hear that you had to go through that.... :( So glad to hear you feel more confident now, you are beautiful <3 xoxo


  2. Know matter how you think you are protecting your daughters from outside forces, they can come in the little suggestions from their environment. Love your article Princess Hiyah <3


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