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12 Facts About Brownie Faeries

Source: Arthur Rackham, Illustrator
One day, I was in my kitchen and notice a small little male creature and caught him within my hands before he got away, but he managed to escape me and became invisible so I could no longer see him. It was a brownie creature. Well, technically I was only dreaming and my dream was probably manipulated because of watching the movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which a brownie creature appeared in the film, but it still counts. I’ve seen a brownie before...😉

I’ve always been obsessed with the magical fairytales of fairies, but recently I’ve learned about a new creature called Brownie. They are known as a household spirit and are apart of the fairy family. Have you ever seen one? Brownie’s can come in different sizes but most likely will be small; They also can look quite similar to humans, but some of their features might differ. From what I understand, they have pointy ears and might wear ragged clothing. You can become a friend to a brownie since they have lived amongst humans for many years, but there are a few things you should know before you wish upon a star to attract a helpful household spirit into your home.

12 Facts About Brownie Faeries

Brownies are the friendly household guest for humans and they also enjoy helping with daily chores around the house, but they usually only appear at night.

You might not ever see this household spirit because they are normally invisible, but it’s not impossible to accidentally catch one in the corner of your eye.

You might have a brownie faerie in your home if you noticed some of your household chores are already complete.

Brownies don’t mind helping you with your household chores, but they don’t like lazy people. You can’t leave all the work for them or else they might get upset and leave.

Brownies have a major sweet tooth; They love honey with all their heart but they also love milk and cream. Leave these special treats around your kitchen and you most likely will attract a brownie amongst you.

Brownies do not accept payments. If you leave them these delicious treats as a payment, they might get upset and leave.

If you give a brownie new clothing, it might offend them or they will take the gift and leave with no return and you might just have lost your household spirit.

When a brownie become bad, they become boggarts; Boggarts are very mischievous creatures that are the total opposite of brownies.

Boggarts might destroy the cleanliness of your home and can often be described as a poltergeist.

Boggarts might play unpleasant pranks on humans, such as pulling your covers off of your bed while you are asleep.

Don’t criticize the work of the brownie because they might get angry and become a boggart.

If a brownie is mistreated, it’s very possible that they can become a boggart which is way worse than them leaving your home because if you have a boggart in your house… beware.

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  1. Very interesting...sounds like the gremlins! So funny, love the story. <3

    1. Thank you... lol They are almost like gremlins but their faeries. Thank you for reading this.


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