Monday, June 18, 2018

Sips By May Teas: Zest Tea Blue Lady Black, Etc.

A daily cup of coffee is nice, but I don’t think I could ever live without a hot cup of tea…
I’m truly obsessed with drinking lots of tea and I couldn’t resist myself from signing up for Sips By which is a monthly subscription that is worth $15 with free shipping. Sips By is a pretty amazing company that sends me a nice little box of four different brands of teas every single month. How great is that?

It’s only my first month but I’m already pretty amazed by the treats they have sent me so far. I’ve received a small bag of loose leaf tea called, Roasted Almond Chai By Fava Tea. It’s a completely new taste than what I’m used too. I enjoyed the nutty and roasted flavor of the ingredients: Apple pieces, cinnamon, whole cloves, almond pieces, etc. Each sip was simply enjoyable.
Taking a sip of tea and relaxing while reading a positive book is completely ideal for me but this tea is made with positive energy. Mountain Tea With Lemon Balm & Caraway By Traditional Medicinals has an inspiring quote on each tea bag, which not only is good for your body, but it soothes your soul as well. It has a soft flavor with ingredients of lemon balm leaf, mountain tea herb, etc. I always had a nice cup just before I went to sleep.
Pomegranate Oolong By Harney & Sons was one of my favorite teas in this box, especially since the main ingredient was pomegranate. It had a nice bold taste which is how I like my tea. Because it’s made with a little bit of caffeine, I enjoyed drinking this tea during the daytime.
I didn’t miss my morning coffee with Blue Lady Black By Zest Tea. It’s made to give you a jolt of energy with a caffeinated boost. It’s my ultimate fave because it has a very strong and yummy flavor of black tea and it’s made with the beautiful ingredients of Passionfruit, orange peel, South Indian Black Tea, etc. Also, the tea sachet was way too gorgeous and correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks as if the little blue drops of color is from the hibiscus plant. Am I right?

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