Monday, February 12, 2018

5 Beautiful Shades of Lipstick // Avon Beauty

There are five new lipsticks that I’ve been wearing lately and I wanted to share my thoughts on how they all make me feel. I am falling more and more in love with lipstick and It’s probably all I could think about before I place a new order in my Avon boutique, because I can’t wait to try a new lipstick color, just to see how it looks on me. Do you have a favorite shade of lipstick yet?
I have a good history with Avon True Color Lipstick, so I definitely don’t cringe when I am buying it. This lipstick is super long-lasting which means I could wear it all day, even after I enjoy a yummy meal. There are no worries about if it’s going to smear onto my teeth and it’s very hydrating.

Sangria is an everyday lipstick that compliments my skin tone with the pretty, somewhat-pinkish shade that I am truly adoring at the moment.

Oxford Wine gives me a touch of a dark berry. I can wear Oxford Wine with a glam makeup look but it can easily be worn as an everyday look, but it depends on my mood. Sometimes I need to wear something bold to match my vibe.
I think I’m still getting used to wearing matte lipstick because it’s completely new to me. From what I’ve learned, I have to moisturize my lips ahead of time because matte sometimes can dry out on your lips. Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick glides onto my lips so beautifully but I’m mostly into it because of its neutral shade of Marvelous Mocha, which I can wear when I want my eye makeup to be a little loud.
The final two lipsticks are Avon True Color Bold Lipstick which is completely long-lasting. You can’t go wrong when you’re wearing the perfect shade that not only looks amazing on you but keeps your lips hydrated. No worries about your lipstick drying out and the color will last you all day. Even though I have the need to freshen up my lipstick after I eat a meal, I know I don’t have to because the color is still on my lips even after I dig into a vegetarian burger.

Fearless Fuchsia is a very bright fantastic color that any girl would love to adorn herself with but I’m not sure it is right for my skin tone. It’s a beautiful color that might look amazing on your skin complexion…

Bold Bordeaux is one of my newest shades of lipsticks and I’m adoring it with all my heart. In my opinion, it has a dark cherry tint. I almost thought it would probably be more of a brown color when I bought it, but I love it so much better than I thought I would. It’s a much darker tone than my other lipsticks which makes me confirm that I might feel more comfortable with darker tone lipsticks.

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