Monday, January 1, 2018

My Story: My Dream University

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney
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I grew up in a loving household were my siblings and I were encouraged to dream as big as our hearts desired, so I didn’t think it was too crazy nor did I think it was impossible for me to get into my dream University. I was a nineteen-year-old girl who was homeschooled for her high school years and all I needed to do was to get my high school diploma and off to college I go. Luckily, my mother discovered a nice local program where students could get their high school diploma.

As I walked to school every day of the week and during any free time I got at the school, I would listen to Your Wish Is Your Command by Kevin Trudeau and/or reading The Secret To Teen Power by Paul Harrington, which completely kept me focused on why I was there. People would invite me to sit with them or try to chat with me but I turned down their invitations for a good reason. They would joke around, come into class late and didn’t take their work or themselves seriously. Because I was focused, the teacher didn’t know what else to give me to work on because I was finished with most of the assignments far before our deadlines. I had to stay focused because the other students in my classroom had negative mindsets and I didn’t want it to affect me.

The moment they heard that I was applying to go to my dream University, they made several comments about it, but the one comments that I remember the most was, “You’re smart enough to get into that school?” It was just too impossible for them to believe that I could get in. My teacher tried very hard to get me to sign up for the same college that every student in my class was applying for and I knew that I really didn’t want to go to that particular school. It was a decent college but it wasn’t my dream University. She shared with me how it’s okay to apply for several schools at once but I could literally feel my body moving away from the area to apply for my dream University at the college fair, but she kept guiding me to her direction, to apply for the other college, until I finally gave in to it.

I was kinda discouraged in a sense, because what could I possibly study at that other college? There wasn’t a dream career for me there that I could actually enjoy doing for the rest of my life. It was a good thing that my mom just so happened to be there that day, who was there using the computer lab. I came to her with my uncompleted application for the other college, trying to smile a little bit with the attention to apply for both colleges like the teacher suggested to me, but my mom took one look at my obviously disappointed face, took the application out of my hands, placed it on the table and said, “Don’t let anyone kill your dream.” That was a quote we learned from Your Wish Is Your Command audiobook.

After school, my mother and I marched right up to my dream University where I successfully applied for the school. I got in and started my summer school classes there, right before I graduated from the high school diploma program and that was the only school I’ve ever applied for. I’m currently not attending to my dream University and I do plan to go back, but this memory always reminds me that any dream is possible, no matter how big you think it is. You have the power to accomplish any of your dreams, just as long you believe that it’s more than possible.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi

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