Thursday, November 2, 2017

Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Body Care Collection // Review

When I was twelve years old, I remember my sister and her boyfriend bought me a chocolate lotion for my birthday. I was so excited about it that I never used it because I loved it too much. It was only decor for my room…

In 2016, my mother, Queen Hajar Isis Akanqi, bought me, Avon Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Body Care Collection as a lovely Christmas gift and I adored it so much that I didn’t hesitate before using it. This body care collection brought back so many memories, plus it smells like a yummy and delicious treat that I can’t resist…

What more can a girl ask for than to be completely bathed in rich dark chocolate? You can go to luxurious spas around the world where they will literally put delicious chocolate on your skin, but this body wash gives you the chance to have that experience right at home. The sweet chocolatey aroma of this body wash will satisfy your cravings, while leaving your skin feeling clean and beautiful.

This body whip looks so good that I would lick it if I could and the delicious aroma makes it even harder to resist it. I do adore body care products that smell as sweet as a dessert, especially when the fragrance is long-lasting. This body whip has a soft texture that leaves my skin feeling soft and it gives my skin a nice glow that I love. It’s one of the best at home spa treatments.

There are many benefits you can get from using cocoa extract as a beauty treatment, especially if you add it to your diet. From some research I have found online, states that cocoa extract can possibly prevent premature aging, while leaving your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated. You can possibly get the same benefits from using Avon Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Body Care Collection, because it’s made with this magical ingredient: Cocoa extract. So, why not give these two products a try?

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi


  1. Love it! Who would have known Chocolate would smell so good ;-) Great review, Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi


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