Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Spiritual Meaning of a Crow // Spiritual Signs

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One morning when I was coming towards my job, I heard a crow cawing from above, while sitting on a light pole or an advertisement sign and it was facing the building of my job. Before I walked in, I gave it one more glance, but it freaked me out the more it cawed out…

I had to take the orders in the drive-through area and every time I clicked the button to hear a customer’s order, the caw of the crow ranged through the earpiece loudly. I found it creepy and very disturbing but I couldn’t overlook it because I saw it as a spiritual sign.

Yes. The spiritual meaning of seeing a crow can be a positive sign for many people but in this case, it wasn't. For me, a crow was always a sign a death (something you mainly see appear in scary movies.) Not saying that this was my fate but I do believe that this sign was saying that the “life” at this job was gone.

I was welcomed into this job with open arms from two loving managers and I was happy with being an employee at that job but in just a few months of me working there, the two managers transferred to a new location. Even though there were some friendly co-workers around me, I was left with some co-workers and managers who enjoyed to give me a hard time.

There were times when I felt like breaking out in tears but held it in to continue the rest of my shift; There were times when I did break down where my family had to literally comfort me. In the beginning, I could definitely lift my vibe and make myself feel better instantly but it became harder to do so. They were really hurting me and the negativity had definitely affected me. I had to finally admit that what I was experiencing, was complete bullying from the other co-workers and no matter how hard I tried to move around that negativity, it still came towards my direction.

I believe the spiritual message of seeing the crow and hearing it caw so loudly was telling me that there was no longer any life at that job. The two most loving managers left and the negative co-workers began to outweigh the friendly co-workers. I was spiritually being pushed out of the door and that crow was telling me that it was time for me to leave that job.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi


  1. Awesomeness Post, Princess Hiyah and when the energy changes like that it only means something new and better is for You...Much love ;-)

  2. I always associated the crow with death too, I don't really know why but crows scare me. So sad to hear that your co-workers gave you a hard time, I hope that everything goes smoothly and good for you for having the courage to leave that job.



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