Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Once Upon A Time: 7 Life Lessons I've Learned From The Evil Queen

I absolutely adore fairy tale stories and ABC’s Once Upon A Time is the most perfect tv series for me to binge watch on Netflix. I can’t remember what season I left off of, so I just started this entire series all over to refresh my memory…

This fairy tale tv series is all about a “normal” town called, Storybrooke, with “regular” people but they are all really from a magical realm called, The Enchanted Forest and The Evil Queen has cursed them to Storybrooke (our world) to take away their happy endings. The curse will soon end once The Savior saves their world from The Evil Queen. I’m going to stop here since I don’t want to give any spoilers…

I’m in love with Cinderella, Snow White, and all the other sweet fairy tale stories that I have grown up with but I’m also intrigued by The Evil Queen because I’ve noticed seven things she’s doing wrong. The obvious thing is that she’s evil but I think her story has a lot of life lessons that we can all take to heart…
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1. The Evil Queen looks for love outside of herself. Her eyes oh-so-desperately want others to love her but true love comes from within. You can’t possibly love others if you don’t love yourself and you can’t accept love from others if you don’t feel love for yourself. How you feel about yourself will appear in your outer world---Just like magic... but it first starts from within you. You must love yourself first and others will show you your reflexion.

2. The Evil Queen thinks taking someone else's happiness will make her happy. Happiness comes from within you. You can never take others happiness because it’s not possible to do so. It will just make you feel worse if you focus on someone else's happiness. Just be happy!

3. The Evil Queen wants revenge. The feeling of revenge or getting someone back for what they did to you can lead you down a road of pain, heartache and can leave you feeling miserable because you’re spending all your time on hurting someone else, when you could give yourself more love and attention. You can let love in your heart when you’re not focused on vengeance.

4. You can’t make someone love you. I’ve been down this path before. In elementary school, I used to give this girl candy so that she can become my friend but she was never nice to me. I lived my life thinking that everyone had to like me but that’s not a good mindset. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay, just as long you like yourself.

5. Don’t let others define if you are a good person or a bad person. Clearly, they don't call her The Evil Queen for no reason. Her actions have been harmful and have affected many people's lives in the worst way possible but she has also done kind acts in her lifetime. To me, kindness shines brighter than darkness. All you have to do is make the right decision, but it seems as though she reflects how others view her. If they see kindness in her heart, she tries to be a good person but if they see the evil in her, she will be The Evil Queen, instead of just making the right decision.

6. The Evil Queen lives in blame. Putting blame on others isn't going to give you a happy ending. Maybe someone has hurt you in your past but you can’t let it stop you from living a beautiful life filled with harmony. Moving forward isn’t ignoring but it will help you heal.

7. The Evil Queen depends her happiness on others. Don’t give anyone power over your feelings. You should feel absolutely content with yourself and you should feel happy even when no one is around. It’s nice to enjoy good company from others but it’s not healthy to rely your happiness on them because no one is responsible for how you feel but you. Be happy and feel good...

What’s your favorite fairy tale character and how do they inspire you in your life? You can also watch Once Upon A Time on ABC on Fridays at 8/7c.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi


  1. I love it! This is so beautiful how you have guide us to see our happiness starts from within. ;-)


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