Sunday, August 6, 2017

Let Your Hair Bloom...

I'm in love with nature, especially flowers. I remember a year ago, I brought a plant that started off small, then grew as I had it. Every time, I looked at it, it blossomed even more and the smell of the flower, graced my nose every time I woke up in the morning. I loved that plant.

Let's start from the beginning. Before it became a flower, it started out as a seed, which was planted in the soil and was graced with sunlight, watered by the enchanted rain and then the roots begin to burst, than the stem grew out of the soil, later came the flower that finally bloomed. That's the same with our hair.

It starts off as a seed (the dead blood cells), then blossomed (grew) once we gave it sunlight (hair products), water and love. It's true! Sounds crazy, but it's totally true.

Once I gave my hair love, it started growing and gotten much healthier. I'm so grateful to have learned from my mom, to put temperature room water in a spray bottle and spray it in my hair daily. It's fun to experiment with different hair techniques and this one is one that I truly love, plus it's nice to spray my hair at night, then twist it up, so that it will be curly again in the morning time.

Let me know in the comments below, if you're going to experiment with this hair growth technique.

It works for me and it may work for you. Enjoy loves!

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi



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