Monday, May 22, 2017

DIY Rice Water // Hair Growth Technique

I’ve been doing water only washing for more than two years now and I have put an end to putting harsh chemicals into my hair. This technique has helped my natural hair get to the healthy state that it deserves to be in. The only thing I allow into my hair are natural ingredients, such as, avocado, banana, coconut oil, etc. One of the newest hair care techniques I’ve recently tried is rice water.

Rice water is an ancient Chinese hair growth beauty secret used by the women in Huangluo Yao Village in China, who are known for their (Rapunzel-like) long hair. Yao women made their mark in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the first long hair village. From some of my research, I’ve learned that they only cut their hair once in their lifetime at the age of eighteen or twenty and I’ve heard one of the Yao women share that they wash their hair every other day in this YouTube video.

Using rice water in your hair can prevent you from getting split ends and it can also strengthen your roots, making your hair grow long and strong. Rice water is also very hydrating and can be beyond beneficial for you if you have dry hair and scalp. There is also a good possibility that rice water is the reason that Yao women maintained black hair for many years. If you look at all their pictures, you’ll never find a single woman with gray in their hair.

I honestly believe that the Yao women hair is so long, healthy and black, because they don’t wash their hair with harsh chemicals. Instead of their hair being stripped from it’s natural nutrition by shampoo, their hair is getting a boost of energy from their homemade rice water. Plus, if you wash your hair on a regular basis, it will become healthier.

I’ve notice a tremendous amount of improvement in my hair, since I’ve starting washing my hair with rice water and it only keeps getting better the more I use this amazing beauty secret. As soon as I apply this hair treatment, I notice how extremely soft it makes my hair feel. It’s very hydrating, leaves my hair feeling extra cleansed, healthy and strong. I don’t think I can live without it.

DIY: Rice Water Recipe


2 cups of water (I use distilled water.)
1 cup of rice (Organic rice is the best to use.)
A container to store it in.


In order to make rice water, you’ll have to rinse off the organic rice to wash off any impurities that may be left on the rice. Next, pour the rice into an empty container, full of the (distilled) water, close the container and allow the rice to soak overnight. The next day you can apply the rice water to your hair and then wash it out.

Let me know how much you adore using rice water or share your beauty secrets with me in the comments below.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi


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