Sunday, December 25, 2016

Avon Living Inspirational Mug Gift Set // Merry Christmas

Good morning everyone and Merry Christmas!! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday so far and spending lots of time with your love ones today. I wanted to share a few gifts that I brought from Avon for two of my co-workers (I was their “Secret Santa”) and my mother, Queen, and I. Hope you enjoy loves!!
I wanted to buy some special mugs for my two co-workers and fill them each with two bags of hot cocoa and three chocolates from the “Hershey's Kisses Deluxe Hazelnut Gift Box,” but I had no clue where to get the perfect mugs that were suitable enough to be a Christmas gift. As I went strolling on my Avon boutique, I was so amazed at the mugs I’ve found from Avon that I had to buy my mother and I a mug as well.
I came across Avon LivingInspirational Mug Gift Set, which are two cute mugs that come with matching coasters. One of the mugs quotes, “Take life one cup at a time." I gave this to one of my co-workers, who had thanked me as she stated that it was going into her mug collection.
For the other mug, which quotes, "Do what makes your soul happy,” was given as a gift to my mother, who adores it just as much as I do. This was also the other “Secret Santa” gift that I gave to my other co-worker, who was excited when she first opened it. I’m glad they enjoyed their presents and I enjoyed giving them.
When they unwrapped their gifts (including my mother and I) was the two Avon Living Inspirational Mug Gift Set with two packs of hot cocoa inside each of them, including three chocolates from “Hershey's Kisses Deluxe Hazelnut Gift Box,” and one Avon Joyful Treats Lip Balm in Toasted Marshmallow to match the hot chocolate theme.
Avon Joyful Treats Lip Balm in Toasted Marshmallow has a hint of a sweet flavor and a light tint of color that complements my skin tone. It also smells as sweet as marshmallows. I believe it’s the perfect gift to give so you can warm up on a chilly Christmas day.
… and I bought two small coal bags for my two co-workers with five pieces of chocolate candy that looked like coal. It wasn’t the yummiest, but I think it was humorous. Right?

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi
Merry Christmas everyone and have the best New Years ever!!

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