Sunday, June 19, 2016

Imua | Savannah, Georgia

I was inspired by many lifestyle bloggers who share their adventures with the world, so I thought I'll give it try and share my experience about moving to Savannah, Georgia.

Here we go!!

I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but my family and I lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin for more than seven years. It was a nice fresh start, but it was time we moved forward on what we really set out to do and that's to move to Savannah, Georgia.


I've learned the word, Imua, a while ago, which means to move forward in Hawaiian. This has been our saying, since we set the date on when we were going to move to Savannah and that's exactly what we did. We've moved forward with our lives and dreams, but it was quite a beautiful adventure getting there.

We took the Greyhound bus, which was a two day trip from Wisconsin to Georgia, where we saw some beautiful sceneries, such as, a beautiful water area with islands on it as we were leaving Tennessee, and we even went up some mountains, but I can't remember where we saw the mountains. When we finally made it to Savannah, Georgia, we wanted to do so much, but our bodies needed some rest after that long trip of taking cat naps and bus stops.

When we rejuvenated ourselves, we went out to visit Savanah's Forsyth Park, which was so beautiful in person, including their water fountain. It's a beautiful place to visit if you ever come to Savannah, Georgia for a vacation.

Here are a few pics of when we explored Savannah's Forsyth Park.

P.S. We even ran across SCAD College, one of the most successful colleges for the arts.

Love always,
Princess Hiyah Jahan Ara Akanqi
I saw this water fountain online, but I never expected to see it in person.
It was a beautiful rainy day at Savannah's Forsyth Park.
Here I recorded the water fountain.
It's extremely beautiful in person.
... And here is SCAD College.



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