Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How This Face Mask Will Keep Your Skin Moisturized // Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks (Part Three)

Because I’m from Wisconsin, I’m used to the seeing the snow flutter down from the sky once Winter presents itself. I’m used to walking through the beautiful fluffy snow and the cold air, but I am also used to the freezing cold days where I have to deal with chapped lips and super dry skin. Using a quality moisturizer is a lifesaver, especially during the Winter, but when it comes to Georgia, things are much different.
Because I’m used to the Winters days of Wisconsin, the weather in Georgia isn’t as bad to me and it seems like Winter in GA is pretty short. Here, I’m used to the heat but I can’t always get away from the cold. When it does get cold here, I feel as if it’s not a big deal but have to remember to moisturize because the weather can definitely affect my skin.

There are a lot of research that shares how moisturizing your skin on a regular basis can promote youthful skin and we could all admit that we want to look young as long as possible. So, I don’t hesitate when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated. Plus, your skin would look a lot better if you protect your skin from the cold and dry Winter days.
The second product I’ve tried recently tried from Avon Beauty Boost Face Masks (Link) ($20.00) was the Moisturizing Face Mask which is made of hyaluronic acid. From some research, I’ve found that hyaluronic acid is already in us, but there are studies that shares you can get the benefits of HA within your diet. Many companies use this in our skincare products in order to give our skin a boost of hydration, including this lovely and creamy face mask that I applied to my skin.

Long story short, this Moisturizing Face Mask left my skin feeling extra hydrating. I wouldn’t mind using this again…

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