Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jamie Chung Beauty & Style | Make Your Mark.

I’m adoring the actress, Jamie Chung, because not only is she expressing her style in the spotlight, but she also has a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called, What the Chung.

I wanted to share a #TBT party with you all sharing a few celebrities who were previously on the front cover of mark. magalogs and I wanted to start with Jamie Chung.

In 2014, Jamie Chung, graced the cover of mark. magalog 3, wearing mark. Royal Pretty Dress. She tells mark, "I’m so not afraid of color— this dress immediately caught my eye. How cute that the trim is green!"

She definitely has an eye for fashion. Not only is she matching mark. Royal Pretty Dress with the mark. Major Mix Necklace on the cover, but she gives an amazing idea of how the jewelry can be styled with anything. "This is a necklace that can make any outfit special—I’d even wear it with a T-shirt and jeans for a casual-glam look." She said.

Jamie Chung also wears an expressive makeup look created by the celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, with the mark. Color Swing Mix It Up Eye Palette. "Who knew that a palette could be so clever? Swing it over…and three more shades!" She tells mark.

I’m adoring Jamie Chung on the cover of mark, because I was familiar with her as an actress, she’s so fashionable and she even created her own blog called, What the Chung, which is an inspiration for me as a newbie blogger. What do you think of Jamie Chung’s mark. girl look? Share your thoughts in the comments below and shop the NEW mark. collection at my boutique.

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